South McCarthy youth refute claims of drainage blockage against Chinese businessman

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Mon, 30 Jan 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The youth of South McCarthy in the Weija Gbawe Municipality of the Greater Accra Region have denied reports of their anger being directed at the owner of Royal VVIP, Mr Robert Tang, for allegedly blocking some drains in the area.

According to some recent media reports, the Chinese businessman has courted the resent of the youth in the area due to his activities blocking some drains in the area.

But addressing the recent reports in a statement copied to GhanaWeb, the youth of South McCarthy denied any such allegations against the businessman.

“We have heard reports claiming the youth of McCarthy South McCarthy complaining about some drainage blockage at Mallam Junction but we are not aware of any such compliant. The report claims that the owner of Royal VVIP, Mr Robert Tang has blocked the drainage system in our area but the truth that ought to be told is that we used to have challenges with water coming from Mallam Junction but the government has thankfully come to fix that. What is now left is for a gutter to be constructed to ease the flow," a spokesperson for the group, Sariki Abubakar Sidique said.

Contrary to the media reports, the youth group noted that Mr Tang has over the years been helpful in dealing with the issue of drainage in South McCarthy.

“We used to have challenges with the water and as the youth, we rose up and called on companies and residents around but they all failed us. It was this same Mr Robert Tang they are accusing who paid for an excavator to dredge the gutter from end to end. He paid for four days of week and we suggested that the payment be made to the municipal assembly who received the payment and brought an excavator to conduct the dredging.

“So we are surprised as youth and residents of South McCarthy to be hearing these reports. In the future, if we are to require his assistance, how will we approach him? We have appealed to government to construct the gutter for us. But before that is done, we need to dredge the drains every year during the rainy season. We are aware they have land issues with him but we also know that is a matter for the chiefs and other authorities to deal with. We ask that whatever their issues with him are, they deal with it and leave us out of it,” they added.

Areas within Weija-Gbawe Municipality, including McCarthy Hill South, Panbros, Menskrom, Salvation, Wiaboman, and other communities, are known to experience perennial flooding.

Residents say they are hopeful that a lasting solution can be found for dealing with the challenge they face when it comes to flooding.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com