Speak to professionals when overcoming an addiction – Joyce Okyerewaa Danso advises

Mon, 19 Apr 2021 Source: universnewsroom.com

Founder for Career 101, Joyce Okyerewaa Danso has advised students to seek the appropriate channel in fighting addiction.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive, she encouraged students and individuals facing any form of addictions to speak to professionals in order to acquire appropriate guidance.

“When it comes to addiction especially as young people, I always think you should confide in a professional, someone who can help you and someone you can trust, it’s good to talk to people but they should be able to help you because if someone tells me they are a sex addict all I can do is listen unfortunately I don’t have much help to give you. So, look for the professionals like clinical psychologists and counselors. Let’s also normalize going for therapy, seeking counseling, and taking care of your mental health,” she said.

She indicated that all forms of acts, positive or negative could become an addiction so far as one spends so much time on it forgetting about other important activities.

“Per the definition of an addiction, any act you are dependent on whether positive or negative that could eventually cause harm could be classified as addiction, so if someone comes up with the argument of being attracted to books, well there is nothing wrong with taking interest in books but if you are always with books and you are not interacting with your environment and doing other things then that could also be seeing as harmful,” she added.

Joyce Okyerewaa Danso finally urged students to focus more on their studies in order not to engage in other activities which could affect time management and studies.

“As students whenever you see yourselves engaging in other activities that are burdensome, think about how it could affect your time, day to day activities, weekly achievements, targets and in the end, your career and personal development because whatever you do today will have an impact on your career.”

Source: universnewsroom.com
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