General News Tue, 8 Jul 2003

Speaker Reacts To $600m Bungalow Renovation

Accra, July 8, GNA - The Speaker of Parliament, Mr Peter Ala Adjetey on Tuesday refuted recent reports in a section of the media regarding a purported allocation of an official bungalow to him. He also denied reports that he had caused the renovation of the bungalow to the tune of 600 million cedis thus portraying him as a spendthrift.

A statement issued by the Public Affairs Department of the Office of Parliament said it was painful and disconcerting that after an official bungalow allocated to the Speaker had been withdrawn, he should be burdened with the moral responsibility of expenses made on renovating and refurbishing such a residence and described it as unfortunate.

It said under normal circumstances, reports of such nature could be treated as incidence of occupational hazards, however, persistent radio discussions mounted on the same issue and the degree of spitefulness have compelled the Office of Parliament to react by setting the records straight in the hope that the matter would be put to rest.

The statement said the Speaker would, however, like to encourage free speech to nurture Ghana's young democracy but such a licence should not be abused to defame hardworking, selfless and dedicated citizens of the land.


Source: GNA
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