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Wed, 4 Jul 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Regarded as the greatest boxer to have come from Africa, boxing Hall of Famer Azumah Nelson took his turn on Sports Check where he spoke about a plethora of issues, including his late wife, Beatrice Tandoh, and how the journey to become Africa’s most decorated boxer began.

The Boxing Professor as he is known in this interview with Daniel Oduro recounts how he overcame defeat in his first ever bout to earn the status he currently holds in boxing history.

Azumah Nelson also spoke profoundly about his faith and belief in God, which he stated is ‘the secret behind my success”.

Can you have a chat with the professor without touching on his famous Limousine? Azumah’s decision to purchase a Limousine in the early 2000s generated debates with some people questioning the reason behind the purchase of such a luxurious car but the legendary Ghanaian boxer has lifted the lid on it and it is simple “I love cars”, Azumah said.

As a young boy growing up in one of the densely populated communities in Accra, Azumah wanted to follow the steps of his idol Jerry John Rawlings who had been enlisted in the Ghana Airforce but he had to ditch that dream due to the advice he received from Rawlings who saw in him a boxing icon.

In his illustrious boxing career, Azumah fought a lot of opponents most of whom he defeated. Out of the lots, Azumah has picked Mexican ‘Azabeche’ Martinez as the toughest he ever faced. He described him as a disciplined boxer and hard puncher.

In 1982, the World Boxing Council altered the rounds of a professional bout from 15 to 12 following the death of Duk Koo Kim during his fourteen round fight with Ray Mancini. This decision received backlash from some boxing enthusiasts but Azumah has endorsed the decision.

Azumah Nelson also touched on his late wife whom he described as the best woman he has ever met. Azumah who remarried but got divorced expressed the hope that he will meet his late wife someday (in Heaven).

Azumah’s birthday is on the 19th of June and the WBC will honour him for his contribution to the sport.

Watch the full interview here.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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