General News Sat, 3 Mar 2018

Staff of ISD urged to remain insulated from partisan politics

Officials of the Information Services Department (ISD) have been advised to remain politically neutral in order to help in the development of the nation.

Mr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, the Minister of Information, said: “Voting is a one day event but the nation Ghana will endure until Jesus Christ comes and so......our partisan considerations cannot be allowed to interfere with the greater vision of developing Ghana”

The Information Minister gave the advice at a staff durbar and donation of 181 laptops, tyres and van batteries to the district and regional information officers at the Ministry in Accra on Friday.

The ISD is the policy implementation and information dissemination arm of government.

The laptops, which are internet enabled, would facilitate the flow of information from the district and regional offices to the Head Office whiles the vehicle tyres and batteries would facilitate their patrols in sharing information.


Mr Abdul-Hamid urged the staff to remain insulated from partisan politics to help in the growth of the country.

“We want Ghana to develop, it doesn’t matter which political party develops it, whether it’s YPP, or QZZ or CCD, whichever party ensures that Ghana moves forward, we all will enjoy...”

“We all go to the same market, take our children to the same school, and ply the same route. When you go to the market to buy tomatoes ... and the price is prohibitive it will not discriminate against an NPP person and an NDC person.”

The Minister said the mandate of the ISD was to shout the virtues and values of Ghana and refrain from being partisan.

He, therefore, urged the staff to do their work diligently without malice, acrimony, hatred and biases and charged the information officers to judiciously use the laptops for their intended purposes.

Source: ghananewsagency.org