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Stan Dogbe takes on Ben Ephson over claims that Mahama orchestrated Haruna, Muntaka’s removal

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Thu, 26 Jan 2023 Source:

Stan Dogbe, the Director of Communications during the John Mahama presidency has taken Ben Ephson to the cleaners over his allegation that the decision by the National Democratic Congress to oust Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mubarak as Minority Leader and Chief Whip was the brainwork of the former president and Asiedu Nketiah.

In his reaction to the move by NDC, the Managing Editor of the Daily Dispatch Newspaper said that John Mahama and Asiedu Nketiah orchestrated the move because it works in their favour.

Speaking in an interview on Starr FM on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, the pollster indicated that the reasons provided by the party do not justify their actions.

“I think that it is the working of former President John Mahama and Aseidu Nketiah and I am going to wonder how the minority caucus is going to be. I suspect politically Mr. Aseidu Nketiah and John Mahama’s handiwork. Are they saying that before 2020 these economic issues were not there?

“No, I don’t think so, you see when you give this reason. You are creating the impression that before 2020 and even before these changes, Haruna and the leadership have not acquainted themselves well enough in dealing with these issues. Or is it an issue of trying to have total control over minority or minority issues in parliament?” Mr. Ephson quizzed.

He continued: “When you say there are going to be economic issues in 2024, can’t Ato Forson advise Haruna on the way forward? Or they think that Haruna cannot be nodding at everything they say because economic issues have been in the forefront in the run up issues in 2020 elections.”

In response, Stan Dogbe observed that Ben Ephson has consistently shown bias against John Dramani Mahama.

According to him, Ben Ephson’s predictions are fuelled by factors other than objectivity and actual analysis of the situation on the ground.

“This Ben Ephson man is at it again. Obviously, he has always been a shameless character so he cares less about himself when he chooses to go where his stomach leads him.

“Your sustained negatively against John Mahama will lead you no where ooo, it will not. With your credibility finally eroded as people see through your tabletop so-called research, your new found job is to be attacking and granting interviews to denigrate John Mahama.

“Me, I wish you well in your new job. Once it puts food on your table, why not. What are we in this world for. Just remember that you cannot destroy what the Lord has planned out.

We will wait for your next negative campaign against John Mahama,” he posted on Facebook.

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