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Starbow dumps Ghanaian pilot for 64-year-old foreigner

Credible information reaching African Eye Report indicates that Aero Surveys Limited, operators of Starbow, a leading domestic airline in Ghana has racially sacked a Ghanaian pilot for a flimsy reason.

The victim, Captain Eric Odartey Mills Lamptey was abruptly replaced with a foreigner after three years of devoted service to the airline owned by foreigners but operating in Ghana for about five years.

As if that is not enough, the management of Starbow, according to impeccable sources has audaciously refused to pay Mr. Lamptey’s benefits due him.

According to documents, Aero Surveys has, in contravention of the terms of his employment, refused to pay his social security and second tier pension contributions, even though the amounts were duly deducted from his salary. The company has allegedly also failed to pay him various entitlements, including outstanding remuneration adjustments to the tune of almost $50,000.

Aero Surveys has used every means possible to deliberately frustrate Capt. Mills Lamptey from getting his entitlements paid, and has since labeled him persona non grata at the 15 Senchi Loop, Airport Residential Area head office of Starbow, according to information.

Documents available to the pan-African news website indicated that Mr Lamptey has since petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) over his inhumane treatment at the hands of Starbow.

Aero Surveys Limited engaged the services of Mr. Eric Odartey Mills Lamptey on the 11th of June 2011, as a captain for its flagship airline brand, Starbow.

According to the company’s own testimony, the Ghanaian captain had offered flawless and extremely dedicated services which led to the growth of the company.

“We would like to state for the records that you have been a very dedicated and hardworking staff of the company. You have been the pillar of the company and were actively involved in all the major projects of the company”, a letter signed by Mr. James Eric Antwi, CEO of the company, testified about Capt. Mills Lamptey.

It also reads: “You have been a support to this company during the most difficult times. You have always showed your dedication and loyalty towards the company. The exhibition of your enthusiasm to work even beyond the stipulated working hours cannot be flouted”.

“During your entire tenure, you showed your capability and knowledge which led to the continuous growth of the company,” the letter continued. However, in a May 31st, 2016 the letter that announced the termination of the employment of Capt. Eric Odartey Mills Lamptey with Starbow captioned- ‘Separation Agreement,’ said the reason for the relieve of duty was the management’s decision to restructure the company and introduce new fleet to augment its operations.

Capt. Mills Lamptey was purportedly being let-go because he was over qualified and too richly experienced with towering seniority.

In spite of all the glorifications in the letter, Starbow did not give Mr Lamptey’s a prior notification before the termination of his employment as the cessation of his employment with the company took effect the very day the termination letter was handed to him.

Surprisingly, Mr Lamptey’s job was later given to a 64-year old foreigner, who was similarly experienced like himself and was by his age, actually just a year away from attaining the mandatory retirement age of 65 in the aviation sector.

Mr Lamptey has since tried to move on from what is believed to be racist victimization which is against the country’s labour laws and constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

According to the Republic newspaper report: “On 17th June, 2017, a security man at the gate of the head office of Starbow is alleged to have nearly manhandled the Ghanaian pilot when he attempted to gain the audience of Ahmad Faroukh, the owner of Starbow, to pursue an amicable settlement.

The alleged shabby treatments are said to be in addition to the fact that a similar request by lawyers of the Captain to meet and have an amicable settlement has also been spurned by the company”.

Last Friday, Mr. Ahmad Farouk, who is also Chairman of Aero Surveys, told The Republic in an interview that all the claims by the Ghanaian pilot were false.

“Mr. Farouk wouldn’t tolerate any more questions after that dismissal on the phone, telling The Republic to contact the chief executive officer of the company for any other information”.

“Mr. James Eric Antwi, the CEO, has since not been available, however, one Mr. Sam, has since told The Republic that the company is in court with Capt. Mills Lamptey and can therefore not comment on the issue”, the newspaper stated.

Meanwhile, the African Eye Report gathered that the case has reported to the National Labour Commission (NLC) for an amicably redress.

Source: africaneyereport.com

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