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State Pool Of vehicles Disappearing

... AG's Department Shreds Documents and Destroys Softwares
...Chief Kufuor's Spanish Transaction Documents Cannot Be Traced

In the run-up to the December 7, 2008 elections, True Democrat intelligence sources in the Kufuor presidency revealed how NPP functionaries had embarked on a looting and destruction spree.

Confidential documents bordering on questionable transactions were reportedly being shredded in the presidency. Vehicles belonging to the State Protocol Department (SPD) had been disappearing from the pool with some traced to the Ejisu residence of a Minister of State in the out-gone J. A. Kufuor administration.

At the time we broke the story about the depth of looting and destruction, little did our intelligence realized the critical dimension it had assumed. At last Wednesday January 7, 2009 inauguration of the new President, His Excellency, J.E.A. Mills, one did not need the oracle of Delphi to tell the nation the reasons behind the shortage of State Protocol vehicles to convey dignitaries and other specially invited guests. The vehicles available were just handful as the NPP looting brigade had virtually wiped the pool clean before exiting from power.

According to True Democrat intelligence sources, the vehicles were not the only victim of these rapacious crooks, the documents and software bought to expedite easy programming and computation of salaries and wages of Ghanaian workers have also been targeted. At the Controller and Accountant-General's Department, a massive operation to destroy documents, invoices and other hard copy data was carried out on the dawn of Friday, January 2, 2009. A very reliable intelligence source who worked very closely with Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani told the paper that these documents and invoices bore traces of gargantuan thievery and corruption undertaken by the Kufuor administration. A similar exercise, the source stated, was reportedly carried out at the Bank of Ghana.

Intelligence chiefs packing out of the National Security Council Secretariat disclosed that the deliberate destruction of documents was on the expressed orders of the Presidency. Documents reportedly destroyed are those which dealt with the inventory of vehicles bought for Ghana @ 50. These vehicles have been looted and others sold at ridiculous prices to NPP functionaries and their cronies. What is even frightening is the connivance of officials of the Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) to alter and fraudulently prepare documents changing the ownership of the vehicles into individual names.


It has also been confirmed to the paper that the Kufuor administration held the record number of vehicle purchases on behalf of the Government of Ghana into the country. Clearly, the records indicate that between 2001 and the third quarter of 2008, vehicles imported into the country by the NPP government under various guises was unprecedented. Also destroyed was a contractural agreement signed on behalf of the government of Ghana by one of the children of President J.A. Kufuor. It has to do with the Spanish government. J.A. Kufuor's son is not a member of government but he chose to sign an agreement on behalf of the people of Ghana. The issue of pair-trawling and its consequences on the local fishing industry has something to do with Chief Kufuor. The arrest of the Spaniard, Alfredo Diaz, a shipping magnate, for operating his fleet illegally in our waters resulted in a fictitious use of the tax-payers money of $3million to pay the Spanish for breach of contract.

As we reported in one of our previous issues, the fraudulent transaction by Chief Kufuor caused the nation to part with over C33billion for an act which is not only illegal but borders on criminality. For the NPP government to dip its hand into the treasury and use the tax-payers money to settle a criminal act committed by the son of the President must not be swept under the carpet. In the said contract signed by Chief Kufuor with the Spanish authorities, Spanish vessels were to undertake large scale fishing in Ghanaian waters. It was in response to this contract which prompted Diaz to embark on the fishing venture in Ghana, having being assured that all the necessary arrangements have been put in place.

We can report that Mr. Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah, then the Deputy Attorney-General unaware of the criminal involvement of Chief Kufuor processed the docket and began court proceedings against the Spanish company. The case was handled by Mr. Justice Yaw Apau of the Court Appeal. He fined the Spanish company $1million. The court also ordered that the ship be auctioned. Incensed by the hostile attitude of the Government of Ghana, Diaz and his associates turned to the Spanish Embassy with the requisite documents to seek diplomatic resolution to the issue or else they go public.

In order to avoid the criminal act of the son of the President to become public knowledge, a top level meeting was held at the residence of J.A. Kufuor and attended by members of his kitchen cabinet. It was then decided that the monies be taken from the contingency fund to pay the fine on behalf of the Spanish Company. As part of the major cover-up, the government handpicked Mr. Moses Antwi as the auctioneer without going through the legally accepted procedure of tender. A further $2million was taken from the contingency fund and secretly given to the Spaniard to buy back the ship.

Source: True Democrat
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