Statement On The Minority Decision To Boycott Parliamentary Proceedings

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 Source: ALBAN S K BAGBIN (MP)

The Minority Caucus regrets to inform the public of its decision to boycott Parliamentary Proceedings in protest against ?the wanton and flagrant disrespect for Minority rights?. The practice in all civilized democracies is that Minority rights are scrupulously protected for the enhancement of democracy.

This boycott is precipitated by the unprecedented referral to the Privileges Committee of a letter written for and on behalf of the MP for Avenor-Ave, Hon. Doe Adjaho by his counsel, seeking respect for the Constitution and laws of Ghana. The move by the Majority and subsequent referral by the Speaker, only reflect the growing intolerance and disrespect for Minority rights in Ghana?s current Parliament.

The other factor is the determined effort of the Majority to bulldoze the Representation of the Peoples Amendment Bill (ROPAB) through Parliament notwithstanding opposition from other political stakeholders and sensible advice from civil society.

We wish to reiterate our stand that the partisan passage of ROPAB will lead to disputed elections which could directly result in conflict. We will continue in collaboration with like-minded political stakeholders, to use all legitimate instruments available to us, to prevent the NPP from dragging our dear country Ghana down the slippery slopes of instability and confrontation.

We have therefore decided as a first step to disengage from the proceedings of the House till further notice.

Minority Leader

8th February, 2006