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Statement by the Youth for leadership in Ghana on June 4

Statement by the Youth for leadership in Ghana on June 4 uprising June 8th 2010

The youth for leadership in Ghana wish to acknowledge all Ghanaians who showed a sense of Commitment towards the June 4 Anniversary by participating in this year’s events. We observed heavy patronage and participation in TAMALE, ACCRA and the other regional capitals in respect of the events to mark the day despites tremendous efforts by many to discourage and alienate them from the day.

It was once again an opportunity to remember what June 4 stands for and it’s useful lessons for us as youth. June 4 teaches us the youth valuable lessons so that we will avoid in our time, the actions that led to June 4 1979 uprising.

For us as youth for leadership in Ghana (YFL), the expectation is for key players and products of the June 4 Revolution to educate and bequeath to us, those lessons of June 4 as well as those principles and values that gave birth to it. These timeless values formed the foundation of the NDC party which is in Government now.

Ironically, whiles in opposition, major actors in party leadership and in government today, played an active role in yearly events to mark or celebrate the day. However, in power today when there is the opportunity to apply those timeless values of June 4, these same people seem to have abandoned the opportunity to be reminded of the need to avoid corruption, show integrity and transparency in government, and seek social justice. These are the values of June 4 and this is the time for the NDC government or party to demonstrate its adherence to these values. This was amply demonstrated by their conspicuous absence from this year’s events. We the youth have observed with dismay the comments from notable personalities in party and government. Indeed, The First deputy speaker of parliament Hon. Doe Adjaho was reported to have used this year’s occasion to make unsavory remarks about the former President and founder of the NDC J.J. Rawlings, even suggesting to President Mills that president Rawlings, the founder of the NDC is capable of overthrowing his own government, a government President Rawlings worked so hard and tirelessly to bring back to power.


We in YFL believe such a statement from such a senior member of the tradition is reckless, irresponsible and indeed, naïve. He must therefore come clear with evidence to his assertions if his intension is not to cause chaos and panic in society whose stability is largely attributable to President Rawlings and the June 4 movement.

Also notable was the statement from the minister of information John Tia to the effect that the President Mills is ‘discerning and responsible’ enough not to engage in divisive activities in the nation. This was in reference to the June 4 Anniversary celebrations. Isn’t it double standards for the President to describe the June 4 Anniversary celebration as ‘divisive’ and turn round to claim his firm belief in the values and principles of June 4? As a party whose constitution recognizes June 4 as an important day to be observed or celebrated, it is rather unfortunate that the president as leader of the NDC would run away from this basic adherence to this value enshrined in the party’s constitution, just so that he would please and look good in the eyes of an opposition that was rejected by a majority of the people of this country and claim to be offended by the celebration of June 4.

All these have given credence to the initial rumors that the president had instructed his appointees to not participate in this year’s events.

We in the youth for leadership are immensely disappointed in our party leaders and the implications of their attitude on the youth of the party. We call on the party to come clear on its position as regards the celebration of June 4 and to the extent that the president as leader of the NDC party has shown disloyalty to the core values and principles of the NDC by blatantly distancing himself from the celebrations this year.



Amenga-Etego SaCut

(General Secretary)


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