Stephen Ntim will sustain us in power - Group declares support

Stephen Ntim456.jpeg Stephen Ntim is aspiring to be NPP National Chairman

Thu, 21 Jun 2018 Source: thenewcrusadingguideonline.com

Stephen Ntim in enjoying massive supports on grounds as the battle for the Chairmanship position of the ruling NPP draws closer.

A group calling itself ‘Time Aso Movement’ said the time has come for the party to elect persons such as Stephen Nim to leadership positions of in the party so as to help sustain power over a long period of time.

At a press conference yesterday, the Movement said Mr. Stephen Ntim is a true grassroots person who can explain issues to party members and loyalist, and that history can be repeated in 2020 if the party elects Mr. Ntim as chairman.

The movement said Ntim is a strategic thinker and a true party person that members can identify with and a person who believes in rewarding competence, dedication, long service, loyalty and hard work.

It said that Stephen Ntim has massively contributed to the party when he single-handedly provided 14 vehicles to the party in 2004, one to each of the ten (10) regional secretariats, and four (4) constituencies, while serving as the National First-Vice Chairman among others.

“We have indeed come a long way, have worked tirelessly and excellently to bring the New Patriotic Party this far. Our loyalty, hard work and commitment all knitted in the love for this party did pay off, resulting in our resounding victory in 2000, 2004 and 2016. Hence, it is only right to acknowledge and appreciate each and every one of us for an excellent job done.”

The Movement also indicated that the party has thrived and lived for over 20 years because of the dedication and commitment of its founding fathers, patriarchs and men of integrity. These patriarchs, they said, have been consistent in attending party functions, paying dues and have served the NPP very diligently all these decades.

It said, Chairman Ntim embodies these attributes as a person and thus, their decision to lend their support to him as the young people is inevitably irrevocable.

“As young people of this party, we are happy to be associated with him for his selfless dedication to the party. This is the man who never abandons the party in the face of staggering difficulties. He is our man for the position of National chairman of the NPP; and we are calling on all well-meaning NPP delegates to support him for victory 2020 and beyond.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time we need the likes of Chairman Ntim to sustain power for NPP over a long period of time. …So it is time again for us to elect Ntim to help the NPP in sustaining power for 2020.”

“Stephen Ayesu Ntim is an affable and sensitive person, who has the progress of the NPP and everyone at heart, and in his view, it is time to acknowledge and reward every hardworking and loyal party member. His quest is to give honour to who it is due and to make sure that the NPP progresses successfully. Stephen Ayesu Ntim has a vision and a target to appreciate and celebrate each party member accordingly, in order to strengthen our bond to make working as a team, easier,” the group noted.

It indicated that Stephen Ntim is a man with laudable and exemplary values of humility, honesty, hard work and that he single-handedly provided 14 vehicles to the party in 2004, one to each of the ten (10) regional secretariats, and four (4) constituencies, while serving as the National First-Vice Chairman.

“Stephen Ntim has been supplying personalized call-cards to all constituency and regional officers every four years, irrespective of whether he wins or loses elections over the years. Also, he has been providing personalized letterheads to all constituency and regional offices every four years at no charge, whether he is voted for or not. During every election, Chairman Ntim has been assisting some parliamentary candidates with campaign materials, especially posters, sample ballot papers and other logistics during all election periods, including by-elections.”

Members of the group averred that Stephen Ayesu Ntim has kept his cool all these years irrespective of his inability to clinch on the chairmanship but gone ahead to support the party in diverse ways after all of that.

“He brings to bear a wealth of experience in party organization, resource mobilization and above all UNITY. He bears no allegiance to any faction and hardly intentionally stirs up controversy. He is the middle man who magnetizes extremists to the center. Fellow patriots, STEPHEN AYESU NTIM deserves our support for the National Chairmanship position. The NPP has a treasure in this earthen vessel, a gold refined from all the heat and pressures of the past elections which remained steadfast and still valuable, a diamond which can neither break nor be bought. It is time to acknowledge his loyalty and excellence!”

Source: thenewcrusadingguideonline.com
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