Stop exploiting natural resources of Africans – US Speaker to Corporations

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Wed, 31 Jul 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Speaker of the United States (US) Congress Nancy Pelosi, has cautioned foreign investors who prey on minerals and assets in Africa to desist from the act.

She indicated that rather than extorting their minerals, investors should cultivate the habit of investing in the country so as to develop the nation.

Speaking at a press conference organized at the US Embassy after the wreath laying at the Dubois Center, Nancy Pelosi noted that this act by corporations has been a major problem for African countries who want to trade.

“The time of corporations going into countries and taking the natural resources without investing in the value added in the processing of the country, that’s part of the problem. Corporations will come in, countries will come in and say we will make you a deal we will take your special mineral and we will give you this. That’s not a good trade. A trade is when you invest in the economic development of your country so that you can explore the minerals or assets and that’s when the country can really make its own fulfillment. Using its own assets, employing its own people.”

The US Speaker who was joined by member of the US Congress Barbara Lee to commemorate the 400th anniversary of slave trade in Accra Ghana, Wednesday, 31st July 2019 indicated, that the fight for freedom and justice will continue.

She stated that the visit to Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle has strengthened them to move forward and it will remind America that Africa matters.

“We have come here looking and experiencing the motherland but also with the commitment to continue to fight for freedom and justice both here on the continent of Africa and in America... This visits reminds us and we take back to the United States that Africa matters. It matters in our foreign policy, our trade and development assistance it matters across the board… knowing where we came from has strengthened us to continue to move forward so that we can continue the struggle in the fight for justice and freedom”

US Congressman John Lewis on his part noted that Africa has made a lot of progress in their revolution. Adding that the souls of Africa Americans will be redeemed so no one be left behind as a result of their race, color or background.

“We have witnessed a non-violent revolution. A revolution of values, a revolution of idea, we made a lot of progress and we are not going back rather we are going forward to redeem the souls of America and create what Dr. King called the beloved community where nobody, no one would be left out or left behind because of their race, color or their background.”

Among other congress members who accompanied the US Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her 4 day visits to Ghana were: Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, James Clyburn and IIhan Omar.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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