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Striking gold with a knock on a stranger’s door – A young British-Ghanaian’s story

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The first thought that strikes a person when looking for mentorship, opportunities for a job, for most people, will be to look for connections through people, scout the newspapers and the internet.

But same cannot be said for a young London-based Ghanaian Reggie Nelson, who despite his little education, jobless was on a relentless quest to not stay at the bottom of the food chain and did the unusual – he knocked on doors.

In his quest to attain the kind of success achieved by wealthy tycoons, he scouted rich neighbourhoods to speak to the inhabitants on the way forward.

“An idea came to my head to go and knock on people’s doors and ask them; What skill and qualities they had to become so wealthy so that I can extrapolate that and use it for myself.” He recalled Luck smiled on him when one of the doors turned out to be that of Quintin Price, one of the UK’s top financial advisers.


Quintin mentored Reggie and gave him an opportunity to intern his finance firm. With guidance, Reggie successfully finished college with a degree in finance and now has an enviable position in a reputable financial advisory firm in London.

Watch his intriguing story in the video below.

Source: ghanaweb.com