Sue Us - Lens dares Hackman

Fri, 27 Aug 2004 Source: Lens

The famous 25th of August deadline Hon. Hackman Owusu Agyemang gave to the Lens to retract the Mavis De-Graft Turkson's assault story or be sued is here. The Lens waits impatiently for the minister to proceed to court since we are more than prepared to meet him there boot for boot. It is the hope of the paper that the Minister would not chicken out of this matter but would follow through his ultimatum to its most logical conclusion.

Meanwhile, The Lens can reveal that in line with the official conspiracy to cover-up this whole shameful episode, the Police Medical report form issued by the Airport Police to Mavis' father on behalf of Mavis failed to mention the name of Mavis' assailant, even though he had been identified to the Police by Mavis and his name is known to the Police. The Medical report form simply said that Mavis alleges that "someone" has assaulted her.

This latest twist confirms information obtained from very credible sources that there are serious behind the scene moves to cover the whole sordid affair up.

In another development, the Lens can confirm that the officers at the Airport Police Station have been under the third degree and strict orders have been issued to them not to comment on the Mavis Assault case. Every care is being taken so that the official line of denials are maintained for fear that any inadvertent leak will expose the magnitude of cover up that has characterized the Mavis' Assault case since the story came into the public domain.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians monitoring this case via the Internet are with one voice demanding the resignation of the minister of Interior. They cannot fathom how such a gross abuse of human rights could have occurred under the very nose of the minister and yet no official inquiry has been set to investigate the case of the assault and bring the perpetrator to book.

Instead of Minister Hackman having the courage to own to the savage treatment his bodyguard subjected Mavis through, he is instead trying very hard to divert the public's attention from this all important issue by joining the preposterous chorus of coup attempts against the Kufuor regime and the possible implications of the former President in such a move. Minister Hackman deludes himself that the people of Ghana would naively take this diversionary talk serious and let him off the hook. But every indication so far points to the fact that the Mavis' assault case would just not go until justice is done.

In the meantime, the Lens once more urges the Minister to go all the way for the paper is more than prepared to face up to whatever he has up his sleeves because the case would provide a fine opportunity for the people of Ghana to know whether Mavis was really assaulted by Hachman's bodyguard or not.

Be our guest, Mr Hackman Owusu Agyemang.

Source: Lens
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