Crime & Punishment Sun, 26 Feb 2017

Suspected bike thief escapes death

A suspected motorbike thief, believed to be in his 20s, escaped a near death situation, following attempts by an angry mob to unleash instant justice on him.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday February 22 at Tindonmolgo, a suburb of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, after the suspect allegedly stole a motorbike.

But for the timely intervention of two police officers, who chanced upon the situation, the suspect would have been lynched.

Eyewitnesses told The Chronicle the mob stoned the suspect, tore his attire, kicked and hit him with all manner of objects, until he became weak with deep cuts and bruises all over his body.

The suspect, who was reeling in pain with blood all over his body, was whisked away by the two police officers.

Meanwhile, a young man, who spoke to The Chronicle on condition of anonymity, said he rushed to the Regional Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service and reported the action of the mob, after the suspect was trapped in a store in the area.

According to him, the police told him they would rush to the scene, but never showed up, until those two officers chanced on the scene and rescued the suspect.

Source: TheChronicle.com.gh