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Swedish court throws out convicted Ghanaian footballer Kwame Bonsu's appeal

The Swedish Supreme Court of Appeal has quashed an application for a review filed by convicted Ghanaian footballer Kwame Bonsu following charges of rape leveled against him by his Swedish wife Maria Magnusson some few months ago.

Kwame Bonsu, 22, was sentenced to years in prison for raping and assaulting his wife but the Court of Appeal has reduced the sentence to one year and ten months.

The District Court had previously sentenced Kwame Bonsu to two years in prison for rape and abuse.

But the former Gefle midfielder appealed the decision - which has now been reduced the penalty by two months.


Experienced Swedish lawyer Leif Silbersky has been pushing for the punishment of the young Ghanaian footballer to be overturned, but his latest effort has been thrown away.

“The former Midfielder Kwame Bonsu is sentenced to a year and ten months in prison for rape and maltreatment against his ex-wife. It is now clear that the Supreme Court, HD, did not consider his appeal in the case.” Nanna Jami, a Swedish Journalist of 24bleking who was at the court posted.

Leif Silbersky stepped in to help get Ghanaian international midfielder Kwame Bonsu from jail over rape charges.

The Court of Appeal earlier adjourned the case to the next 14 days partly because the prosecutor wants to call more witnesses for questioning, and that Bonsu has demanded to replace his lawyer.

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