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TRENDING VIDEO: Fake spiritualists busted

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The ease of internet accessibility has become the hallmark of the current age, and the proliferation of fake internet businesses otherwise known as 'Sakawa' has gained 'positive reception' among some jobless youth in most African countries, particularly in Ghana and Nigeria.

This trending video shows a different kind of the fraud business, where the incarcerated fraudsters pose as ritualists who aid people get money faster.

In their line of business, victims are asked to bring an amount of money in exchange for a higher amount which is in counterfeit currency, but the victims are mostly oblivious to this.

In peculiar cases, victims of internet fraud or 'Sakawa' are believed to be hypnotized via internet or anywhere they find themselves.

"These fraudsters dupe people in the name of money rituals, this currency is fake," a member of the police who stormed the residence of the 'fraudsters' said as he tore up a Ghc20 note to prove that the denomination was indeed fake.

Two boxes were discovered in their ritual room - a room stuffed with voodoo dolls, wooden artifacts, pots and several odd items, the boxes however contained some amount of money in different currencies which appeared to be fake.

Regardless of the number of arrests made and the dubious means they are involved in, the 'Sakawa' fraudsters, interestingly, in Ghana and Nigeria are not afraid advertise their business and show off their luxurious lifestyles.

It is believed that, regardless of the lifestyles of such 'business' people, they live a rather awkward lifestyle mainly due to the kind of rituals that comes with practicing 'Sakawa'.

More often than not, they are seen in pictures with very huge bags of money, perhaps showing off to the public is part of the 'Sakawa' business.

Currently, Nigeria is believed to have the most internet scammers around the globe. The richest of them are a group of 5 boys popularly known as known as the 'Yahoo boys' who have now become an international threat to ignorant internet users.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com