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Terror Alert: Be proactive to avert attacks – Expert to Security

Security analyst David Agbe has urged the country’s security agencies to be proactive by putting up preventive measures to forestall a possible terrorist attack on the country.

He said this in relation to a security alert released by the Canadian High Commission claiming Ghana faces an imminent terrorist attack.

Although Agbe agreed with the Mission, he argued that no one can predict when and how the attack will take place.

Hence the country’s security apparatus need to device mechanisms to prevent a possible occurrence.

“I must say that with regards to terrorism, nobody can predict when it will occur but then if our security agencies are being proactive in terms of Immigration service, policing our border communities and making sure that anyone who steps in this country; his conduct and behavior are monitored… we could avoid some of these things mentioned,” he told Starr News Thursday.


The Canadian government in its travel warnings to its citizens cautioned and pointed to an increase in pick-pocketing, extortion from police officers at checkpoints and fraud in the West African country.

“There is a threat of terrorism. Terrorist targets could include shopping malls, government buildings, and public areas such as bars, restaurants, hotels and sites frequented by Westerners. Be aware of your surroundings in public places,” the alert issued by the Canadian High Commission stated.

The police extortion said Mr. Agbe compromises the country’s security set-up.

He said, “They [Canadians] made mention of pick-pocketing and police men on our border towns and check points collecting money, it has been a critical issue in this country.”

“Every citizen in this country is aware that police men do take these things at any point,” blaming some high profile police officers for denying the act by saying it is only a ‘perception,” he added.

Source: Starrfmonline.com
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