Teshie Assembly members plot MCE’s removal over corruption & incompetence

Evelyn N.A. Twum Gyamrah Evelyn N.A. Twum-Gyamrah, MCE, Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly

Wed, 15 May 2019 Source: theheraldghana.com

Reports of “Corruption” and “incompetence “being exhibited by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Ledzokuku (Teshie) Assembly, Evelyn N.A. Twum-Gyamrah, has triggered a decision by the Assembly Members, to pass a vote of no confidence in her.

The Members, who have described the situation as a “leadership crisis” have already collected signatures from colleagues and declared May 21, 2019 as the day to oust her.

“Nothing is happening at the Municipality. I have had the opportunity to serve under three MCEs, I can say on authority that her administration is the worst that LeKMA has ever had”, one Member said.

17 Assemblymen, including the Presiding Member, have signed the resolution calling for her removal by next week Tuesday.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ledzokuku, Dr. Bernard Oko Boye, who is also part of the Assembly, was not part of the resolution to oust the MCE.

Dr. Oko, who is currently the board chairman of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, is reported to have engineered Evelyn Naa Adjeley Twum-Gyamrah’s appointment, hence might have stayed away for obvious reasons.

“We need about seven to trigger the clause but as I speak to you, 17 of us have signed including the Presiding Member. We need only one third to trigger the clause”, one assemblyman told The Herald.

A copy of the resolution to remove the MCE which is in the possession of The Herald, was copied the Chief of Staff, Frema Osei Opare, the Greater Accra Regional Minister; Ishmael Ashietey and the Local Government and Rural Development minister, Hajia Alima Mahama.

The Members, who say they have had enough of the MCE said, they would do everything within their power, to uproot her, saying ‘She is not on top of her job”.

Before the Municipality was divided last year, Mrs. Twum-Gyamrah, was the MCE for both Ledzokuku and Krowor Municipality.

Speaking to the Herald after their last meeting on Friday, some of the Assembly Members said, development projects have all stalled in the Municipality, because there is no funds to execute them. “The anthem of the Assembly is no money.

“She is inefficient, and not on top of her job.There is massive corruption at the Assembly; nothing is working. There are no funds, so all development projects, have stalled, if you come to our community, filth has engulfed the entire community and we are at the mercy of our electorates”, another member charged.

According to the member, the electorates “…come to our houses to insult us, saying all kinds of things to us, because they don’t see anything going on.”

A third assembly member The Herald spoke with, said they have had to use their own money in many instances, to fix problems in their Electoral Areas.

“Streetlights can go off and it will take six months, unless we use our own resources as Assembly Members to fix them or nothing will happen. We only earn allowances, we are not paid at the end of the month, but sometimes, we are forced to dip our hands in our pockets to fix community problems, when we have officers that are paid from government chest to fix these problems”.

Everything at the Assembly they told this paper, point to the fact that, the MCE is clueless about her mandate.

According to them, several meetings with her to up her game, have all proved futile. Funds to run the Assembly are nonexistence.

“We have met her several times, we have met her at her office, at her home, we have met her at several places, on the floor of the Assembly, we have spoken our minds to her, but nothing is working”, they told The Herald.

They went on, “she is just not on top of her job, she doesn’t know what to do. I can tell you on authority that she is not fit for the job. There is massive corruption at the Assembly, nothing is working, there are no funds, all development projects have stalled”.

“Last year, we went to the general assembly and resolved that bills should be sent by the end of January 2019, as we speak, they are now planning to put themselves together, to go and distribute bills.How do you get the revenue to develop the community? As I speak to you, it was just last week that, salaries of workers that are paid on IGF were paid. I can go on and on”.

Below is the resolution for the removal of the MCE

Source: theheraldghana.com