General News Wed, 3 Jul 2019

The Afram River is close, yet we experience severe droughts - Chief

Dademantse Madjitey, the Dademantse of Dedeso, has appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture to assist farmers in the area to procure water pumping machines.

This, he said, would help farmers in the area to irrigate their farms with water from Afram River and produce food crops throughout the year.

Dademamntse Majitey said it is unfortunate that with a river nearby, the area still experiences severe droughts.

Dademamntse Majitey made the appeal in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Dedeso in the Fanteakwa North District of the Eastern Region.

He also appealed to the Department of Feeder Roads and the Fanteakwa North District Assembly to reshape the major and by-pass roads in the area to help facilitate transportation of goods and people in the area.

Dademantse Madjitey said due to the bad nature of the roads in the area, people had to travel on rocks and through coverts that have caved-in; a situation which make drivers who ply the area to charge very high fares.

He said due to the bad nature of the roads in the area, one can easily conclude that the area has been cut-off from the rest of the country.

Dademantse Madjitey said if one wants to travel out of the community, the fellow had to wake up at dawn, because “if you miss the vehicle, then its till the next day”.

He called on leaders of political parties, not to wait until election periods before visiting the people to know their predicament.

Mr Daniel Aklasu, former Assembly Member for Dedesosawirako Camp Electoral Area, said the place is a resettlement community but due to lack of basic social amenities and low economic activities in the area many people are deserting the area.

He said the area is good for the cultivation of grains and vegetables but the area often experiences severe drought situations and the people are unable to take advantage of the presence of the Afram River because they lack irrigation facilities.

The former Assemblyman said in the last eight months, farmers in the area have lost all their investments because the area is experiencing one of the severest droughts in its history, hence the appeal for support.

Source: GNA