The Herald Ghana: Will the NDC stay away from commenting on Amidu’s resignation

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Fri, 20 Nov 2020 Source: theherealdghana.com

Our elders have a saying that, as a destitute person, when you are attending a programme, you go with your calabash, because you can't go and ask someone for one.

Martin Alamisi Ben Kaiser Amidu, who recently resigned from his position as the first Special Prosecutor, has not hidden his disdain towards the National Democratic Congress (NDC), especially its flagbearer and running mate, John Dramani Mahama and Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman respectively.

Nothing amplified this than the unwarranted and blistering attacks he launched on Prof. Jane Naana Opoku for writing the forward in the book authored by Kwamina Ahwoi title "Working With Rawlings".

Again, president Mahama, in September speaking on Accra-based Class FM, said the NDC after winning the presidential elections will not "change him for political reasons, but his contract and what the law says are what will determine whether he stays in office or not."

Martin Amidu, did not take kindly to these harmless words as he told the former president, not to patronize him.

He has shown his hands and it is that he will put his life down, for as long as it will lead to the fall of NDC.

In this regard, leading members of the NDC, have no business commenting on the apparent exchanges between the government and Martin Amidu, especially making comments that seem to put Amidu in bad light.

In the considered opinion of this newspaper, this is a fight between Amidu and the government, NDC members should be good spectators and watch events unfold.

You don't give Amidu, the opportunity to drag the NDC into this fight, a situation, he very much cherishes, by making comments that will make him angry..

As a newspaper, what we find appalling and reprehensible is comments from leading members of the party, who in commenting on his resignation sought to impugn his integrity and question his commitment to the fight against corruption.

Martin Amidu, is a problem and the government thought, they were unleashing him on members of the NDC, not knowing they had appointed a monster, who will devour them too.

Source: theherealdghana.com
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