'The Plight of Akimbu'; a book to eliminate tramadol, substance abuse launched

Akimbu Plight2 Nana Esi Inkoom, Director of School Health Education Programme at GES

Mon, 26 Nov 2018 Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor

It is no more a bad habit but a canker gradually destroying the future of our youth, particularly in the wake of rampant intake of tramadol.

The issue of drug and alcohol abuse has got many youths roaming the streets with mental disorders and becoming a burden not only on families but the society at large.

Ghana has been battling with the menace but to no avail with reported incidence of addiction, armed robbery, youth vandalism, car accidents and in some cases violence; all linked to the influence of tramadol including other forms of substances abuse.

In a bid to address the canker, Adwinsa Publications Ghana Limited, a leading book publishing company in the country has launched its latest book, aimed at educating school children, the youth and the entire nation on the causes and dangers of drug abuse with emphasis on tramadol.

Dubbed “The Plight of Akimbu” is an interesting, easy to read 68 pages’ book that takes the reader through the journey of life of an innocent boy who is stricken by broken home and the quest to seek comfort, was faced with a lone decision.

Speaking at the launch, Mrs Nana Esi Inkoom, Director of School Health Education Programme (SHEP) of the Ghana Education Service laments the rate at which tramadol has wreaked havoc in the fabric of our society currently with the youth being the hardest hit.

She averred that the unfortunate development could be blamed on the fact that most youth are not being properly cultured, culminating in their being led into bad company where they ended up being drug addicts.

Mrs. Inkoom professed continuous education on part of leaders, parents, guardians and all stakeholders in the fight against drug abuse as surest way to reform and keep the youth on the right path.

For his part, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Programs and Operations of the National Youth Authority (NYA), Bright Acheampong in a speech read on his behalf noted with grave concern the devastation tramadol abuse has had on most African countries with Egypt and Ghana being worse hit.

Commenting on a study conducted which revealed that 68% of patients seeking treatment in government facilities for addiction in Egypt did so because of tramadol abuse, he disclosed: “Now we know what tramadol is doing to us. We must determine what we want to do to tramadol importers and unscrupulous agents”.

He expressed the authority’s readiness to partner anyone or institution to help rehabilitate the victims of Tramadol abuse, adding, “We therefore take the book launch as worthy attempt to join well-meaning Ghanaian to address the havoc the youth are experiencing with this drug”.

Reflecting on the theme for the launch: “End Tramadol Abuse: Secure Your Future,” Mrs Dzifa Gomashie, a former Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, stressed the need for parents to train their wards uprightly so that ‘they’ll not depart from it when they grow’.

Addressing the audience prior to the launch, she admonished student to live a righteous life, be kind to each other and above all avoid meddling with drugs.

Mr. Emmanuel Essandor Jnr, the Author of the Book, disclosed he derived his motivation to write the book upon realization that tramadol has gained popularity in our society for the wrong reasons as the youth has increased its prescribed intake posing harm to their health.

He described the book as informative, educative and a ‘must read’ which is based on real life experiences of Rev. Richard Armah of Hope Recovery Centre, and dedicate it to both the young and the old in the society.

“The Plight of Akimbu”, according to the author is intended to expose the youth to the dangers of drug abuse, especially the abuse of tramadol.

Mr. Essandor Jnr., suggested that the book be stocked in our public libraries and schools as educational tool to help fight against the menace.

Mr. Kwaku Oppong Amponsah, the General Manager of Adwinsa Publications Ltd, in an interview with Ghananewsone.com hinted his outfit is willing and able to go to a large extent to drum home the message on any form of abuse being suffered by children, using the media as a tool and moving to areas where abuses are more prevalent to educate the children

Adwinsa Publication Ghana Ltd. has been committed in making good use of a combination of books, drama and music to enter into areas where child abuses are more prevalent in the country with the message.

This is the third time it has launched a book to deal with issues that affect the future of children. Their first book was focused on addressing issues of menstruation while the second one was on child marriages in Ghana.

Tramadol is a prescription-only medication used to treat moderate to severe pain. When taken, it works on the nervous system and the brain to reduce the feeling of pain.

It's consumption with other drugs, substances common among the youth these days without doctors prescription is alarming calling for concern and coordinated efforts by stakeholders to rid the market of this unregistered product.

Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor
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