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The advice Criss Waddle offered Ayisha Modi that triggered her to open a restaurant

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Wed, 30 Aug 2023 Source:

Ghanaian socialite, Ayisha Modi, has acknowledged a few people including Criss Waddle for playing a vital role in her newly established restaurant business.

Ayisha said Criss in particular, offered her a piece of advice that caused her to do a thorough self-analysis and later resulted in the operation of a profitable venture.

Narrating the conversation that ensued between them, Ayisha Modi said she once asked Criss Waddle for a loan after she got ‘broke’ for spending all her money on solving people’s problems.

Explaining why she often battles financial constraints, Ayisha said her philanthropic nature does not really allow her to save that much adding that whenever she is in Ghana, she ends up distributing the monies she had saved in the U.S.

Recounting the story further, she said Criss Waddle gave her some $3,000 for upkeep, but advised that she start a business that could fetch her some money anytime she is in Ghana.

She said this advice caused her to open a restaurant that took her about seven months.

“When I came to Ghana, I had a lot of money on me but in a twinkle of an eye, everything got finished. So, I called Criss Waddle and told him I was hard up so he should help me. He gave me $3,000 and also gave me some advice. He told me to open a business because I spent a lot without getting anything in return. Most of the money goes out to sponsor people.”

She said prior to the food business, she started selling wines but didn’t recoup much profit for it.

On August 17, Ayisha Modi launched her new restaurant Akyire H) located at Tabora Alhaji, Accra.

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