The fear of HIV is higher than coronavirus – Medical Practitioner asserts

Test Hiv File photo of HIV test blood sample

Tue, 11 May 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Medical practitioner, Dr Leslie Allotey has emphasized that Ghanaians have a greater fear of contracting HIV than the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Not disputing the fact that both viruses are deadly, Dr Allotey has observed that most people presently still pay more attention to HIV than they do COVID-19 although it (COVID-19) is currently the leading cause of death globally.

He mentioned that, a lot of Ghanaians have taken the pandemic for granted and are no longer adhering to the rules, which should not be be so.

“Recent reports from the airport shows that a lot of people coming into the country are testing positive for the virus and are being quarantined”, he said.

In an interview with Kojo Manuel on Y 107.9 FM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe Show he said, “You not hearing much about the virus doesn’t mean it is on the decline. Those on the ground know the significant numbers of the infected and how it keeps rising”.

Dr Leslie went on to say a lot of people are laid back because of the vaccines we have. “It is high time people start taking precautionary measures for their own safety”.

“At least, with COVID-19, one is better protected after taking the vaccine but with HIV there’s currently no vaccines”.

He went on to say that “if people still had the fear for COVID-19, they will not be going around without face masks and disobeying COVID-19 safety precautions”.

He advised everyone to eat well, keep fit and exercise to create a strong immunity against the virus because, “the virus is still around”.

Source: etvghana.com
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