The only prophecy Nigel Gaisie gave about Ghana showbiz

Nigelgaisie45 Prophetic hill chapel founder, Nigel Gaisie

Sun, 1 Jan 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Out of the about 50 prophecies Rev. Nigel Gaisie issued during the 31st December 2022 watch night service held in his church, only one regarding the showbiz industry popped up.

The Prophetic Hill Chapel founder uttered prophecies about virtually every sector including health, sports, public sector, and politics.

Earlier in a Facebook post, Prophet Nigel Gaisie had indicated that God has already given him 47 prophecies for the country out of which number 14 was for the IGP.

But for the second time running, after the IGP placed a ban on doom prophecies, Nigel Gaisie adopted what has been described by many as a weird description of a country to release his prophecies.

Just as he did during the 2021 watch night service when he adopted the name ‘Umofia’, he came up with another vague nation called Republic of ‘Yεmpε Nokorε’.

He predicted scores of attacks against financial institutions, politicians, the media, and so on in the republic of ‘Yεmpε Nokorε’.

However, a prophecy about a certain popular music legend popped up.

“There is a popular music legend, because of time, I will not delve so much into it but all I can say is let’s pray for me,” Nigel said without mentioning any name, nor did he give clues.

Ban on prophecies

In December last year, the police reminded religious groups and leaders to be measured in the communication of end-of-year prophecies that could spark panic and controversy in Ghana.

According to the Police Service, religious freedom is still subject to Ghana’s laws.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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