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The revolution has just started - CPP presidential aspirant Nana Frimpomaa declares

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Fri, 2 Jun 2023 Source:

The Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Akosua Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumankumah, has said that a revolution in the country is in the offing.

She explained that her party, the CPP, under her leadership, is ready to bring the needed revolution that will bring rest in the financial and economic industries of the country.

Speaking when she picked up nomination forms to contest the party’s presidential candidacy race, Nana Frimpomaa stressed that the CPP is the party with the expertise to cause that change in Ghana, with the youth as its focus.

“I want to remind young people that it is not written until you write it. Until you, the youth of this country, decide that enough is enough, and that the time for you to take over is now, nothing is going to happen.

“There is no magic, but the magic is in you, and the magic is in the actions you take. I’m here today and I want to announce to the whole country and to the whole world that the revolution has just started; the revolution of actually making sure that the Ghanaian is economically-independent, financially-independent, ripped off from IMF, and all the other World Bank issues is now, and has just started,” she explained.

Nana Akosua Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumankumah is one of two stalwarts of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) who have so far picked up forms to contest the slot.

She further urged the youth of Ghana to come on board her train because they are the only how to make the country economically independent once again.

She also expressed optimism in the fact that just as in the early year’s of Ghana’s independence, she can lead the CPP to bring real change to the country.

“So, I’m here calling on all the youth across the country; everybody listening to me, everyone hearing my voice, this is your time, this is your moment, and it is now. You’re not going to be a leader tomorrow; you are a leader today. CPP is giving you that opportunity to be able to able to take the mantle, to take your destiny into your own hands, as we did in the early 60s,” she added.

The CPP opened nominations on for the presidential polls in the party on April 20, 2023, and has slated June 10, 2023, for the elections to elect its leader towards the December 2024 general elections.

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