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There is no need for William Quaittoo to resign as an MP – Prof Emmanuel Asante

Rev Emmanuel Asante Christian Council Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the National Peace Council

Fri, 1 Sep 2017 Source:

Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante has said there is no need for Hon. William Quaitoo to leave his position as a Member of Parliament after doing a respectable thing by resigning as a Minister and want Ghanaians to put a closure to the matter.

“If honorable people, think that by their omission and commission they have created a situation that will be difficult for them to continue their work, they have to do the praise-worthy thing to resign which he has done that as a minister. So I think we should put a closure to the matter”. Rev Asante selectively quoted.

The Chairman said this in a wake of an interview on Kumasi-based Ultimate FM on Friday.

On Tuesday evening, it was confirmed that, the Deputy Agric Minister Hon. William Quaitoo had resigned from his post following pressure from some Ghanaians over comments he made, describing people from the Northern part of the country as “difficult people” while claiming farmers from the north were only interested in extorting money from government.

When asked if it will be better for Hon. William to also resign as an MP since some commentators have requested, Rev. Asante said it was not necessary and that Ghanaian should not go to that extent.

“I don’t think we can go that further, are we also requesting him to denounce his citizenship”? He retorted.

“I think we have gone that far, after we requested the president to dismiss him, even the minister did not wait for that to happen but resigned himself. I think we shouldn’t push the matter further”. He said.

Rev Asante during his 15 minutes interview urged Ghanaians not to engage themselves in tribal wrangling.

“Matters like these should not lead us to tribal wrangling; we have lived together as one nation. Even though we know we are from different ethnic group, we should try as much as possible to live and let other people live”. He stated.

He further noted in the interview that, Ghanaians should not allow such issues to bring conflict.

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