This teenager got paralyzed after being beaten in a dream

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Sun, 29 Dec 2019 Source: mynewsgh.com

He was clubbed by a faceless person in a dream; he fell onto the ground the next morning and would never be able to walk again, instantly becoming crippled and confined to a wheel chair, unable to do anything on his own again.

Few years later, the other fell at school and that would be the last he would ever stand on his feet or do anything on his own.

This is the story of Owura and Yaw; two teenagers of the same parents, both deceased; their conditions have curtailed their education, and their unemployed senior brother, Boakye Joseph is now bearing the burden of caring for them; single handedly.

It is hard to say if their condition is mystical or medical; they have never had any medical attention because their only brother, the benefactor is unable to afford the care.

This story is set on Kwasiase, a town in the Ahafo Ano North District of the Ashanti region near Tepa; it is excerpted from an interview by Crime Check Foundation with the two brothers monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

“I dreamt that somebody had hit me with a club; when I woke up I told my mother but she simply said she had cancelled it in the name of Jesus; that same morning I was sent to buy something and I fell on the way and that was the last time I ever walked”, Owura, the elder of the two narrated.

He was in primary class 4 when the incident happened and has since not been in school again.

Confined to a wheel chair and paralyzed in both arms, Owura is unable to do anything on his own; he tells Crime Check Foundation that he counts on the help of the benevolent to recover to his former state.

The younger, Yaw also fell at school few years after his senior brother’s predicament and that was that last for him too.

“I was running to the school park with some friends for the closing parade one afternoon; I felt dizzy and fell and I could not walk again till date; I was in class 3 then and have never been able to go to school again; I have never been to the hospital too”, Yaw recounted.

Both of their parents are dead now; the mother in 2015 and the father just this last November, leaving their senior brother, Joseph Boakye the huge burden of feeding and grooming his brothers.

He hopes that he could get help to seek proper medical care for them but none has been forthcoming.

“I believe they are suffering from the same condition; both of them are unable to walk and I have to spoon-feed the senior because he is paralyzed in both arms too; when I’m not around the young one feeds him since he is paralyzed in only the left arm”.

It is only a proper medical diagnosis that could establish the cause of their predicament, but the teenagers and their brother, would not rule out a spiritual attack.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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