General News Wed, 6 Nov 2002

Three Organisations Receive Japanese Grant

The Government of Japan yesterday gave a total of $54,722 (about ?435 million) under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP) to three organizations for the provision of educational facilities, at the Japan Embassy in Accra.

The beneficiaries were the Vume Unit Committee, Rural Community Agricultural Integrated Project, and Asakraka Integrated Community Centre for Employable Skills.

The Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mrs. Kazuko Asai signed for Japan and Mr. Edward Keteni, Assemblyman for Vume, Mr. Stanley Akabua, Financial Advisor of the Rural Community Agricultural Integrated Project and Mr. Emmanuel G.K. Bonna of Asakraka Integrated Community Centre signed for their organisations.

The Vume Unit Committee received $21,046 (about ?168 million) for the construction of a kindergarten block and rehabilitation of the Vume Roman Catholic Primary School Block, the completion of the project will enable nursing mothers in the community to concentrate on their economic activities, and academic work can continue when there is bad weather.


$11,744 (about ?92 million) goes towards the construction of a new school block for the Wli Local Authority Central Junior Secondary School to create a safe and conducive environment for teaching and learning, and to help raise the standard of education in the community.

$21,932 (about ?175 million) is for the purchase of equipment and materials for the Asakraka Integrated Community Centre workshop.

The three beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the Japan government for their grant assistance.

A similar grant by the Japanese Government two years ago went to the Agomeda ICCES, Teterefu ICCES, and New Ebu ICCES.

Source: Accra Mail