General News Wed, 27 Oct 2004

Togo seizes 60 tons of maize bound for Ghana

Togo's Food Security Observatory, OSAT has impounded in Lome, two Ghanaian vehicles carrying more than 60 tons of maize bound for Ghana, government-owned "Togo Presse" reported Tuesday.

The two vehicles were detained last Thursday with the maize at the Afloa border post.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday, Togo's Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Minister, Komikpime Bamnante, blamed those he called "corrupt traders" for the shortage of cereals in the country.


He warned that such traders could be sanctioned.

Togo has been facing maize shortage since July blamed on speculations, with some traders said to be transporting maize produced in the country abroad for sale at higher profits.

To protect local consumers government has through the OSAT put some 2,000 tons of maize on the domestic market.

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