General News Fri, 20 Apr 2001

Tourism Minister calls on filmmakers to project the country's image

Madam Hawa Yakubu, Minister of Tourism on Friday called on Ghanaian actresses and actors in the Diaspora to promote the country's culture and project its image to help develop tourism.

Madam Yakubu made the call when Ms Akosua Busia, a Ghanaian writer and actress based in Los Angeles, USA, paid a courtesy call on her to seek support to shoot a Ghanaian film entitled: "The Seasons of Beento Blackbird" later this year.

She said although foreign visitors admit that Ghanaians are friendly and hospitable, there is still the need to sensitise them more on tourism issues.

Madam Yakubu said the celebration of PANAFEST and Emancipation Day has played a great role in educating African-Americans as well as other foreign visitors about the country's cultural practices.

She said filmmakers should gear their efforts at producing films that will promote domestic and eco-tourism and gave the assurance that her Ministry would support such efforts to educate foreign audience about the Ghanaian lifestyle.


Madam Yakubu said the government is open to everybody and is prepared to assist people with initiatives to be able to do things for themselves and by themselves.

"We are still in the process of fulfilling our promises to promote that enabling environment for the youth to have jobs".

Madam Yakubu said Ms Busia is an asset to the country as she has projected Ghana's image through her acting and writing and encouraged other people to also go into the acting of Ghanaian films to expose the country to the world.

Ms Busia said she intends to shoot her maiden Ghanaian film in Ghana because that is where she has the story setting.

She said most people in the Diaspora are very passionate about Ghana, adding that to them it is the major country in Africa.


"We need to let them know more about the good things of our country and that is what my film seeks to say."

Ms Busia said if a country has a good image, it helps increase the people's morale and wherever they find themselves they are easily identified and given the needed respect and assistance.

She said her film which was a novel she converted into a screenplay has musical genius-winner of 21 Granny awards - Stevie Wonder - giving his commitment to compose the soundtrack.

Source: GNA