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Travelling safe during the holidays

You need to be well-prepared for the travelling involved to make your holidays enjoyable


It’s that time of the year again when people travel to various destinations for relaxation, to hang out with their families and to simply be away from their busy lives.

This period brings with it lots of joy and celebrations and you, therefore, need to be comfortable so that you can enjoy the holidays.

For most people, this period means driving from one location to another, and in most cases, driving on roads and to areas that you have probably not used so much during the year. You, therefore, need to be well-prepared for the travelling involved, to make your holidays enjoyable.

Here is a checklist from Cheki to keep your car in top shape and enjoy your holidays;

1. Check Your Headlights and Electrical Systems

For your car to move, it needs to start and stay on. Thus, the electrical system needs to be in good and working shape for it to move you around comfortably while on holiday.

Therefore, check your battery, fuses, alternator, starter, headlights, tail lights and bulbs to ensure that they are working as you will most likely travel to unfamiliar places where you do not have the luxury to just hit up your mechanic to help you to ensure that your mechanic takes care of electrical issues before you embark on the trip.

Additionally, you might find yourself on the unfamiliar roads at night and they may not be well-lit like city roads so it is important to ensure that your lighting system is working.


2. Ensure Your Tyres Are In Good Shape

It is important to have tyres with good treads at all times, but this becomes even more important when going on holiday. Cars with poor grip are a top cause for accidents because they puncture easily, reduce the stopping distance, and cause your car to slip.

Additionally, the extra strain put on the car’s mechanical system increases fuel consumption, which means less money for you to enjoy your holiday.

While at it, carry a functional spare tyre because there is no guarantee that your tyres will not disappoint you even if they are in good shape.

3. Test Your Car’s Suspension

The suspension system keeps the car moving as it should. It comprises of tyres, shock absorbers, tyre air, springs and linkages. All these keep your car stable even at high speeds, which of course enhances your safety and reduces fuel consumption.

If the suspension system is not in good shape, it can make steering problematic and this is recipe for disaster, which is exactly what you should avoid while travelling on holiday.


A key part of the suspension system is ensuring that your wheels are well-aligned. Remember, a stable car is a safe car and stability starts with having a good suspension system.

4. Test Your Brakes

Obviously, almost everyone else will be travelling for holidays as well and this means that your foot will not only be hitting the accelerator but the brakes as well.

If your brakes are not efficient, making noises or hard, they definitely need to be checked. Good brakes help you to stay in control of the car so ensure that you have enough brake fluid, your pads are in good shape, and the discs functioning as they should.

Furthermore, when travelling for long distances, you are more likely to be travelling on higher speeds than when travelling on city roads so your brakes will help you stay in control of the car. With so many cars on the road, it is in your best interest to ensure that you can control the car effectively to avoid accidents.

5. Check Your Timing Belt

Timing belts help in synchronising the internal parts of the engine and if they break, then they can compromise your engine greatly and ruin your holiday.

Timing belts wear out over time and so, you need to have them checked all the time and more so when travelling because you will be covering longer distances, which will further compromise the quality of your timing belts. Ensure that your engine’s synchronization system is functioning as expected, for your safety and sanity.

6. Check Your Radiator, Filters and Liquids

Your car’s engine will be on higher demand when you are travelling long distances, and especially on unpaved roads. You will also have more acceleration changes while on a road trip than when using city roads.

All these will put more pressure on your engine, which means that coolants, transmission oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluids need to be in good condition to keep your engine functioning well.

Ensure that these fluids are the right quality and at the right level, not less or more than the recommended amount. To keep the engine more efficient, change your filters if they are due, as this improves the performance of the engine’s liquids and improve the lifespan of your engine’s components.

All these systems keep the engine running well, which is just what you need when travelling for the holidays.

7. Have All Your Emergency Tools

The road has its surprises. So, ensure you have a spare wheel, a well-equipped toolbox, warning triangle, and torch just in case you need them.

You never know when your perfect plans will change so even if you have everything in order, be prepared for any eventuality with the necessary emergency tools.

8. Have A Valid Car Insurance

While it is compulsory to have a valid car insurance cover, some people ignore this directive. However, it is not enough to just have a car insurance cover, especially when you are travelling with your family.

Get a comprehensive car insurance cover as it takes care of you, your car and your family, in the event of an accident. A good insurance cover should keep everyone protected, and this gives you the peace of mind you need to get around and enjoy your holiday.

The holidays provide you and your family to bond, travel, celebrate, and basically relax and reminisce of the year’s achievements and challenges.

You will most likely be travelling for long distances and you need your car to be in great shape to ferry you to whatever destination you plan to spend your holidays.

Ensure that these checks are done before you embark on that trip for your own safety and peace of mind.

Source: Cheki GH

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