General News Fri, 29 Jan 1999

Tribunal chairman deplores thuggery in chieftaincy disputes

Tema (Greater Accra), 29 Jan. '99 - Captain Philip Agboyeme (rtd), presiding over a Tema community tribunal yesterday, deplored the practice of chiefs allowing thugs in the name of "asafoatseme" or their subjects to create confusion, thus disturbing the peace. "The enlistment of thuggery in the name of asafoatseme to create confusion should not be encouraged", Capt Abgoyeme said. The tribunal chairman said this before he granted a bail of two million cedis to each of the 13 persons, including the chiefs of the two factions of the Tema Manhean chieftaincy dispute. The bail is to be justified and the respondents were requested to appear before the tribunal again next Monday, February First. The chiefs are Nii Adjetey Kraku the third and his six supporters and Nii Adjei Kraku the second with his five supporters. Nii Adjetey Kraku agreed with the tribunal that he and Nii Adjei Kraku be bonded to be of good behaviour to maintain peace in the area. "This practice is a disgrace to the occupants of stools because chiefs who are expected to maintain discipline among their subjects are themselves involved in undisciplined acts. Such practice sends a signal of violence", Captain Agboyeme said. Assistant superintendent of police Michael Yirenkyi said that a case on protracted chieftaincy disputes between the two factions at Tema Manhean is before the Supreme court. He said on January 22, following a report that Nii Adjetey Kraku was going to hold a press conference the following day, and realising that there would be the breach of the peace, the regional police commander invited the two faction chiefs separately for discussions. Mr Yirenkyi said Nii Adjetey Kraku was advised to relocate the venue for the conference while Nii Adjei Kraku was cautioned against causing confusion. He said while the discussion was going on, police had information that a fight had broken out between the two factions, resulting in the slashing of Nii Anang Pitinkrah, an asafoatse of Nii Adjei Kraku's faction, and the caning of Mr Kofi Tay, a journalist, who received severe lacerations on his body. According to Mr Yirenkyi this infuriated Nii Adjei Kraku's faction who went in for cutlasses. Respondents from Nii Adjei Kraku's faction are asafoatse Odortor, Nii Shiipi Armah, asafoatse Kosuku, Nii Dzata and asafonye Naa Tgru while those from Nii Adjetey Kraku's faction are Mensah Kraku, Tetteh Ogana, Atta Moretime, Mensah Kpone, Naawubu Mensah and Daama.


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