General News Sat, 15 Sep 2001

Two Ghanaians perish in desert

Two illegal Ghanaian immigrants travelling to Libya through the desert, lost their lives 24 kilometres from Bal-Ghat in southern Libya when a gang of armed robbers attacked the group with which they were travelling.

The armed robbers, who were alleged to have made off with the victims monies, food, clothing and water, abducted the deceased Augustina Akosua Frimpomaa, aged 30 and her teenage brother.

A Press Release issued from the Office of the President and signed by Mr Kwabena Agyepong, Deputy Government Spokesman, said Government was very much concerned about the situation and appealed to Ghanaians to desist from using such unapproved routes.

The release said the armed robbers gang-raped Frimpomaa, who despite her ordeal managed to rejoin her compatriots. However, due to her weak and frail condition, the group abandoned her and continued with their journey.

The statement said a search team mounted by the Ghana Mission in Tripoli assisted by Libyan security and medical personnel, found the skeletal remains of the two after four days of search in the desert.

The release said it was presumed that foxes devoured the two as only the head of the deceased woman and a few clothing could be used to confirm their identities.

"The use of dangerous and unapproved desert routes by Ghanaian immigrants seeking to enter sister countries including Libya has become a source of concern to the government', the statement said.

The name of the mother of the deceased has been given as Auntie Yaa, believed to be a resident of Abeka Lapaz, near the popular entertainment complex, "Abrantie Spot" in Accra.

Source: GNA