General News Wed, 27 Nov 2002

UNDP grants chiefs 83 million cedis

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has granted the Research Committee of the National House of Chiefs $100,000 for its research work for four years.

Already, $20,000 of the amount had been transferred into the accounts of the House. Odeneho Gyapong Ababio, President of the House, announced this at its last general meeting for the year in Kumasi on Tuesday.

He called on his colleague chiefs, especially those along the country's borders, to assist the government in its campaign to curb cocoa smuggling.

Odeneho Gyapong Ababio said the fact that 60,000 tonnes of cocoa is smuggled out of the country should be a source of worry and concern to all chiefs.


''It is disheartening that millions of dollars is lost to the state through smuggling of cocoa, while at the same time the government is compelled to go round the world seeking loans for national development.''

''Chiefs can assist in the anti-smuggling exercise by educating their people on the harm smuggling do to the economy. You should also encourage your subjects to be vigilant and report smugglers to the security agencies.''

He announced that negotiations were progressing with the Chief of Staff for the upward adjustment of the allowances of members and the rehabilitation of the secretariat.

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