General News Fri, 20 Apr 2001

US and Ghana Armed Forces trained together

The United States Army and the Ghana Armed Forces last Monday began a joint combined exchange training exercise to enable both countries to better work together in real world operations when the need arises, at Achiase in the Eastern Region.

The exercise which forms part of the Joint Combined Exchanges and Training Programme (JCET) that are carried out throughout the world including over 20 African countries, will also accord both countries to work in field environment that would help improve inter-operational abilities.

Briefing newsmen on Friday, Major Owusu Frempong, Acting Commanding officer of the Jungle Warfare School at Achiase said the Ghanaian component, made up of two officers and 52 men will be trained by the US team in infantry skills, such as airborne assaults, small unit tactics, and shooting skills.

He said there would also be training in medical skills that covers advance trauma management.


On the other hand, the acting commander said, the US Special Forces, made up of 20 troops including two captains, would also be taken through jungle warfare training by the Ghanaian officers.

Captain Ian Francis, of the US side said, the exercise since, Monday has been very interesting and successful, adding that the key component is for potential instructors from both countries to also impart the knowledge acquired to their students from time to time.

He said, this year's focus is on jungle training and hoped to grasp the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of Ghanaian military operations.

The US and Ghanaian forces have trained together in several JCET programmes since 1998

Source: GNA