General News Mon, 19 Dec 2016

US' 'fake embassy' in Ghana accusations 'fake'

The family that owns the house the US government said had been used as a fake US Embassy in Ghana have strongly refuted the story, journalist Sammy Darko reports from the capital Accra.

The US State Department said last month that Ghanaian and Turkish organised crime rings were running the fake embassy complete with a US flag and a portrait of President Barack Obama for about a decade from the property.

However, the owners of the property, the Lamptey family, have flatly denied that the house was ever used for such nefarious activities.


They have asked the US government to provide proof or face legal action.



Asked about this complaint, a spokesperson for the US Embassy in Accra said: 

We cannot speculate at this time what has occurred at that building after the initial raid.

The photo used in the online article is of the building the criminal enterprise used to conduct their fraud operations”.

Source: bbc.com
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