USA tops international arrivals at KIA with over 100,000 arrivals in 2022 - GTA report

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Sat, 3 Jun 2023 Source: happyghana.com

Ghana’s tourism industry experienced a remarkable surge in 2022, attracting a significant number of international visitors and setting the stage for a promising future. According to a recently released 2022 Tourism Survey by the Ghana Tourism Authority, the country witnessed a phenomenal 47% growth in international arrivals, solidifying its position as a top destination in West Africa.

The survey, conducted from January to June 2022, sought to assess the socio-economic impact, experiences, and impressions of inbound tourism. It revealed that the number of international arrivals soared from 623,523 in 2021 to an impressive 914,892 in 2022, reflecting a growing interest in Ghana’s unique offerings.

Leading the pack were tourists from the United States of America, who topped the list with a staggering 118,369 visits to Ghana during the first half of 2022. The allure of Ghana’s vibrant culture, historical sites, and breathtaking landscapes has undoubtedly captured the hearts of American travelers, further strengthening the ties between the two nations.

Nigeria secured the second spot on the list, with 72,786 visits to Ghana during the same period. With its close proximity and historical connections, Nigeria continues to foster a significant flow of travelers to Ghana, contributing to the growth of the tourism industry.

Following closely behind were tourists from Britain, who accounted for 47,962 visits, highlighting the enduring appeal of Ghana’s colonial heritage and shared historical ties. India and Germany claimed the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, with 22,261 and 22,159 visitors, showcasing the global reach of Ghana’s tourism appeal.

The surge in international arrivals not only brings cultural diversity and economic opportunities but also contributes to the local economy. The survey revealed that the average tourist expenditure for the first half of 2022 reached an impressive $2,743.19.

This expenditure encompasses various aspects of the tourist experience, including accommodation, dining, transportation, and recreational activities, providing a significant boost to businesses in Ghana and livelihoods.

Analyzing the accommodation preferences of visitors, the survey found that 32% of tourists chose hotels as their place of stay, reflecting the availability of world-class hospitality options in Ghana.

Corporate houses catered to the needs of 4.41% of visitors, while guest houses welcomed 19.40% of the tourist population, providing a more intimate and authentic experience.

Notably, a substantial 41.18% of visitors preferred staying in private homes, showcasing the rise of alternative accommodation options such as homestays and vacation rentals.

The remaining 3.01% fell into the “others” category, which included campsites, hostels, and unique lodging experiences.

Source: happyghana.com
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