General News Tue, 29 Apr 1997

Uinted Nations release US $30,000 for development Projects For Yendi

Yendi(N/R) The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has released 30,000 dollars for the start of a five-year development project in the Yendi district. The project, being implemented on a pilot basis in 10 rural communities, is being supported with a 30 million-cedi fund from the district assembly. Mr Adam Alhassan Mohammed, Yendi District Co-ordinating Director, told newsmen at Yendi on Thursday that Village Action Teams in the communities will identify and initiate their development priorities. Among the beneficiary communities are Gukpegu, Nakpachie, Sunsun, Kpajangba, Gulikpuliduni, Nabogu, Tindjo, Kpaboya and Kpaligbini. He said project proposals of the communities would be discussed at the district assembly which will co-ordinate their implementation. The teams will be made up of a representative of the community, a member of the district assembly, the Technical Committee, an agricultural extension officer, District Community Development Officer and a representative of the district health management team. Mr Mohammed said the district assembly organized a workshop for 70 members of the teams at Yendi last Tuesday to collect and collate project proposals for implementation. He said the participants represent all the ethnic groups in the district and hoped the effective implementation of their proposals would greatly improve the quality of life of the people.


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