VIDEO: What Captain Smart said about 'papa no' that got Tracey Boakye angry

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Thu, 20 Aug 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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"This is a quick response," said Tracey Boakye in a latest video as she laid the foundation for the need to rebut a claim Captain Smart had made on his radio show.

In the 9-minute clip that has been in circulation and ignited the controversy about a mysterious man said to have dated musician Mzbel and Tracey Boakye, the actress took the bull by the horns because she reckoned Captain Smart had overstepped his boundaries.

Surrounded by his team, Captain Smart in his usual white apparel claimed he has a copy of the video clip Kennedy Agyapong threatened to broadcast if Tracey Boakye refuses to stop blackmailing former president John Dramani Mahama.

The outspoken radio personality who is mostly seen standing during his radio program claimed that the legislator has more than a video evidence to prove his allegations against the actress.

"Ken has a video of what transpired at East Legon because I have it. Ken also has a video of what transpired in a car. That video was shot by the driver of one of the men," Captain Smart said without mincing words.

"The driver knew a lady was about to enter the car so he strategically placed his phone in the car before stepping out. So it was the driver who first leaked the video; he leaked it to senior slay queen A.A."

Having watched the said video and identified the characters, Captain Smart further mentioned that claims former president John Dramani Mahama is the man at the centre of the controversy are untrue.

Giving what he claims to be the history behind the brouhaha, the broadcaster said Tracey Boakye is part of a group of ladies who envisioned to own houses. While some were able to achieve the target within the period they set for themselves, others failed.

The quest to be at par with each other, he claimed, influenced some members' decision to snatch boyfriends of those who had succeeded.

"One of them was able to achieve this [referring to the house task]; Tracey was next to have a house. Another started building hers but was hit with a challenge so the work stalled," he alleged, adding: "That was how the confusion started. It was more like 'let me look for Nana Yaa Brefo's boyfriend and snatch him'. That is the beginning of the conflict. Kennedy Agyapong knows everything."

In a sharp rebuttal, an infuriated Tracey Boakye sent a word of caution to the broadcaster. With a red headgear and a straight dress, the actress, seated in the confines of her room asked Captain Smart to not spread falsehood about her.

She denied ever being a member of a group of ladies as trumpeted by the radio personality.

"I beg you, I'm not part of any group of ladies. Don't play with the minds of Ghanaians," she unequivocally retorted. "There is no such video; I've dared whoever has any video of a supposed encounter to release it. Why do you lie about me. I beg you, keep my name out of your mouth."

"Wouldn't you have had a topic to discuss on your show if this brouhaha hadn't emerged? I've been watching your commentaries but you went a bit far this morning. I have dared you; if you have any video release it. I'm tired... Stop it! If you offend me, I'll clap back at you," a visibly angry Tracey Boakye remarked.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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