‘Veil’ kills woman on a motorcycle

Woman Wears Hijab Full Face Veil Woman in full face hijab (file photo)

Sun, 27 Nov 2016 Source: ultimatefmonline.com

A woman by name Zenabu Hamua believed to be in her late 50s met her untimely death after she got wrapped up by the veil (hijab) she had covered her head with on a motorbike that she was travelling on as a passenger to attend a funeral.

Narrating the situation to Radford FM, the source said she is married to the royal family in Kupulima but has been staying with her daughter in Tumu and helping her out on their farm harvest.

She left Friday morning from Tumu with her son-in-law to Nanchalla a family community of about 20km off Tumu.

After Taffiasi, the veil she had used as headscarf got into the spokes of the motorbike holding her neck through the throat tightly, it was never noticed until the ‘nylon’ ‘Mayafi’ veil strapped her whole body which forced the mobile motorcycle to stopped abruptly.

When the rider realized it, he got down to help the woman who had then been tied firmly to the motorbike, all attempt to unwrap and untie her from the motobike failed.

He was then forced to rush to the next community to get a cutlass or knife to cut and free the in-law, by the time he returned to the scene the woman had died tied to the motorbike.

The deceased was then return to her hometown for burial.

Reporter with Radford FM Balu Mohammed reported that the station later delved into the circumstances of her death where listeners were advised to be careful with their veil especially married women and mostly muslim as many women recounted harrowing experiences of how the veil had nearly killed them on motorcycle.

Many women who called from Zini, Gwollu, Tumu were all very touched by her death and called on their colleagues to keep away their veil each time they ride motorcycle.

A Muslim cleric admonished the Muslim public not to be scared by the her death but still adhere to the principles of Islam.

Her funeral is scheduled to take place in seven days.

Source: ultimatefmonline.com