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Viasat One Fool Viewers…

Viasat1 is one of Ghana’s private TV stations and mainly broadcast foreign contents in the forms of movies and series spiced with some local and African contents and is gradually taking a chunk of viewership especially in the capital.

The station has warmed its way into the heart of many viewers especially young people due to its cosmopolitan content although some of the movies and series are a bit old, it still draw people to the station’s programs including myself. One of such popular series is the African American sitcom ‘GIRLFRIENDS’ staring actresses Jill Marie Jones (Toni), Tracy Ellis Ross (Joan), Persia White (Lynn) and Golden Brooks (Maya). As a regular viewer, I never miss any episode both the 8”30 pm and 10”30 am telecast FROM Mondays to Fridays which was not to be when on the Monday July 12 episode of the show, Viasat1 took viewers for granted and pulled a fast one on us thinking we wouldn’t notice.

The station on that particular episode after showing the promo and montage for ‘girlfriends’ went on to show another African American series called ‘THE GAME’ which tells the story of some basket ball players in Los Angeles (L.A). The funny thing is whiles ‘the game’ was showing, they were still rolling the names of the four characters from ‘girlfriends’ which incidentally also featured a cameo by actress Tracy Ellis Ross of ‘girlfriends’ fame on the very episode of ‘the game’ that was being shown.


Thinking they would correct the mistake after showing ‘the game’ instead of ‘girlfriends’ they still ended the series with the sound track and montage of girlfriends and repeated this same mistake on the morning of July 13. What I want to know is if Viasat1 was aware that they were showing ‘the game’ instead of ‘girlfriends’ or they just thought they could pull a fast one on viewers thinking we wouldn’t know the difference between the two series in an era where Ghanaians have access to all kinds of series that are currently showing on American and British stations thanks to the Chinese even before they hit local TV stations.

Afi Dzakpasu, P.R.O of viasat1, we await your kind explanation to this mix up and hope we are not ‘fooled’ again.

Source- Nana Mensah (Fame Newspaper)

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