General News Sun, 11 Jan 2009

Victor Smith clears the air on Castle accusations.

On 9th January 2009, Ghana web reported an article titled “Victor Smith Raids Castle With Soldiers”. Victor Smith would like to tell Ghanaians especially those in the Diaspora that he did not go to the Castle with any soldiers or leave the place with any soldiers. He was at the castle on official transition business to introduce new staff to outgoing staff when he heard a pandemonium outside. In fact, Victor smith drove to the castle by himself.

It turned out the reason for the pandemonium was that the castle security personnel had stopped a convoy led by Nana Bediako Poku from driving a convoy of government vehicles to his village. Mr. Smith like any of the castle workers showed up on the scene to calm tempers between the security personnel and the convoy of vehicles leaving the castle in a hurry.

How does this tantamount to a raid with “commandos”?

Ghanaian journalists must refrain from publishing false news without cross checking facts especially at this transition period when unnecessary sensationalism has a tendency to create chaos. How can Mr. Smith who was working with the outgoing chief of staff all of a sudden bring soldiers to raid the castle?


It seems the “unity” approach taken by the Mills government is not welcomed by NPP men since they’d rather have a divided Ghana to continue their unfair and unjust ways. Mr. Mahama Ayariga, the presidential spokesperson’s first statement in office conveyed a message of unity to tell all Ghanaians that “the new administration had no intention of witch hunting”. Is the NPP preempting and reacting to their own sordid acts in 2001 when they stopped former ex-ministers in traffic and threw them outside their vehicles, raided the homes of ex-president Rawlings and then ex Vice-president Atta-Mills’ homes, grabbed government vehicles, seized all NDC ex-ministers’ passports and other unlawful acts hunting them like criminals? No one has seized any NPP politician or ministers’ passport, no one has raided their private homes and no one has asked any government appointee to proceed on leave as the NPP did when they took power in 2001. Rather the Mills administration has told all government appointees and DCEs to remain at post and continue the business of governance while they transition the government since the presidential run off election has not afforded them enough time to transition. Some NPP officials have refused to do what the constitution says to meet the transition team to hand over state owned properties and other resources needed. It seems their own acts from the past are haunting them.

Instead of buying into sensational news and reacting to lies, Ghanaians should rather open a debate on how to best mend the constitution to help a smooth transition to avoid outgoing government officials to ignore the law and abscond with the state’s property as in the case stated above which caused the pandemonium at the castle, which led to the false accusations by the Daily Guide against Victor Smith.

NDC Washington Chapter, North America.

Source: NDC Washington Chapter,