Vodafone Healthline: Doctors debunk claim that groundnuts cause pimples

Thu, 21 Jan 2021 Source: Vodafone

Doctors on Vodafone Healthline, the multiple award-winning health and wellness show, have debunked the popular notion that regular consumption of groundnuts leads to pimples, a common skin disorder.

The regular panelists Dr. Kwekuma Yalley, a general practitioner and Dr. Aba Folson, a senior physician, took turns to explain why the widely held belief is a myth.

Dr. Yalley stated that there is no causative relationship between regular consumption of groundnuts and the break-out of acne or pimples on the skin. According to him, general pathophysiological processes predominantly cause pimples on the skin.

Dr. Folson also added that some hormonal activities as well as infections from dirt on the face that occur when touched with unclean hands are the major causes of pimples.

“There are glands under the skin that produce oils and other substances to moisturize the skin and the infection of these glands could cause pimples. These glands get infected by the transfer of dirt and germs from surfaces unto the face by our hands,” she said.

Both panelists further cautioned against the popping of pimples, explaining that the act tends to worsen the situation by inflaming the skin around the pimple thereby creating favourable conditions for the occurrence of more pimples on the face.

This edition of Vodafone Healthline also highlighted the many interventions of the telecommunication giant in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Notable among these interventions are the donation of Personal Protective Equipment to various health facilities across the country; the waiver of transfer charges across networks on the Vodafone Cash platform; and the establishment of the Vodafone Healthline Call Centre, which was set up to provide Ghanaians with credible information on COVID-19 and other health issues. The Healthline call centre can be reached toll-free via 255 for Vodafone Customers and 050 9999255 on other networks.

Vodafone Healthline has won over 80 local and international awards. The programme was recently awarded the CIMG TV Programme of the Year at the recent CIMG 2020 awards. Through this initiative, Vodafone has paid the full cost of surgeries for hundreds of Ghanaians across the country. Season 9 of the show is currently airing on TV3, UTV, GHOne, Joy Prime, Adom TV, Family TV, Amansan TV, DGN and SBN.

Source: Vodafone