General News Mon, 31 Mar 2008

Wailing At Police Hospital…

Over HIV Test

Pandemonium broke out last week when over 200 pregnant women who turned up at the Police Hospital for their normal heath routine check-up were greeted with a mandatory HIV-AIDS test.

The Sun newspaper has been told that as soon as Hospital authorities announced that the women prepare and psyche themselves up for the test, majority of them begun the fuming game, compelling at least 33 out of the number to steal away back to their homes.

According to an eye-witness, angry outbreaks resulting from apparent real fright soon informed the arguments of the very very literate among the number, who suddenly sought refuge in their rights to this their rights to that, all in impeccable English. However the witness claims that it took the calm, soothing and disarming persuasive words from Dr. Amo Mensah of the Police Hospital to get the bunch of protesting pregnant women to agree to the test.

“Even then, yet another batch of dissenters just got up and accelerated into the early morning Accra sunlight, abandoning their folders, damn the consequences, the witnesses told The Sun newspaper.

The test was free but the Police Hospital authorities have never lost time in explaining that it is a new policy it is embarking upon that all pregnant women should from now on be tested for HIV/AIDS to ascertain their status.

Source: The Sun