General News Tue, 20 May 2003

War of Words: Kweku Baako Vrs Bagbin

Minority Leader in Parliament, Alban Bagbin has fired a salvo at Kweku Baako Jnr, Editor in Chief of the Crusading Guide newspaper, describing him as a failure in life, who dropped out of Secondary School in form three. But surprisingly, the ''Diabolical man'' has hit back with what he calls a ''psychological profile'' on the Minority Leader.

''Throwing my mind at his outburst to go after the Speaker of Parliament, I’m beginning to suspect a personality trial - one of blind hatred, bordering on inferiority complex,'' said Kweku Baako of the leader of the Parliamentary opposition.

Bagbin had earlier said it was unfortunate that ''a failure in life is being portrayed as a role model for the youth to follow''. The Minority Leader made these remarks on the Morning Show of SKY FM, a local FM in Sunyani in reaction to Kweku Baako’s reply to Bagbin’s statement that the media is in cahoots with the ruling NPP against the NDC.

Alban Bagbin told radio listeners that he did not understand why ''a school drop-out'' should turn to become his lecturer in Law ''telling me that I don’t understand law''. Kweku Baako was reacting to the Minority Leader’s statement that the trial and sentencing of Kwame Peprah and others in the Quality grain trial was influenced by the media.

Kweku Baako, in a remark on GTV’s breakfast show said that ''God should help us if a respectable lawyer such as the Minority Leader could reduce a judge’s judgement to media influence''.

Bagbin’s outburst was also influenced by Kweku Baako’s condemnation of the MPs ''unsolicited'' radio contribution in defence of a story by the Palaver newspaper which said that the CHRAJ Boss had resigned, although CHRAJ had denied the story.

Kweku Baako told the Statesman newspaper and some local radio stations that, although he is a school drop out, he has undertaken various courses and is proud of his current achievement. ''Bagbin has described me as a Form Three drop out. That I’m a fake role model and a failure. Well if all three characters which are negative are possessed by one person, which is me, and yet what I say and do would attract the comment of a whole Minority Leader, a big lawyer and leading figure in society, then I couldn’t be that bad after all'', he added.

Source: Statesman