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Watch an army commander passionately charge his troops to save Bawku in a viral video

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Sun, 30 Jul 2023 Source:

Bawku, a town in the Upper East Region of Ghana, has over the past few years been devastated by conflicts among various factions in the town.

Many security persons, who were sent to the town to keep the peace, have often been caught in the middle of the conflict with some losing their lives and others suffering serve injuries.

This has left, according to reports, many security officers in fear of being deployed to Bawku.

But not these personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces captured in a video shared on social media.

In the said video, a commanding officer of the army in Bawku could be seen charging his troops to courageously take the fight to the people causing the havoc in the town.

“We’re going to land another operation supported by the Northern Command and the military high command. Air assets are going to support our operation.

“We are taking the fight out to them; we are not going to wait for them to be firing like they have been doing every day… you wait they fire and you respond, no.

“If we carry it out to them, they would not have the time to fire, they have to run or we arrest and deal with them. That is what we are out for. Bawku must be saved and we have to do it,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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