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Watch video of galamsey man jumping into deep pit to search for gold

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Sun, 24 Sep 2023 Source:

Illegal mining, otherwise known as galamsey, remains a major problem in Ghana as their operations affect waterbodies making drinking unsafe.

From moving from one waterbody to another in search of gold, some galamseyers encroach lands to carry out their operations.

In a video gone viral on social media and sighted by GhanaWeb, a young man who was ready to take action in a deep pit full of water was strapped with rope.

As he dived into the milky brown water, his workmate was also captured holding the rope and releasing it in short intervals as he dived deeper.

While the videographer paned the camera, two other open pit filled with water and rubbish were sighted.

Also, two women were captured at the scene.

Meanwhile, GhanaWeb cannot confirm when and where the incident took place.


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