We are winning election 2020 – Kofi Adda

Fri, 21 Feb 2020 Source: Senyalah Castro, Contributor

Incumbent Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central and Aviation Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda, has submitted his nomination forms to contest the constituency's Primaries happening in April.

He filed the forms Tuesday with strong hope of winning the primaries and going on to win the Parliamentary seat for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2020 general elections.

Mr. Adda said his commitment to activities of the party both at the constituency and national level puts him ahead of any contender who will contest him in the upcoming primaries, adding his candidature is a sure win and would double the election fortunes for the party looking at his vast experience and the massive development he has championed in the area.

Mr. Adda said this in an interview with the Journalists after he had submitted the forms in a bid to retain his seat.

"The last time I wasn't supported by some people but I won. So I know for sure that the people who were behind me the last time (election) to support me will still support and stand by me to win this Primaries and God willing we will also win the general elections for the NPP".

The submission of nomination forms was characterized by a mammoth crowd in customized shirts and other party paraphernalia, who drummed and danced through the main streets of Navrongo Township.

The crowd slowly moved from the MP's campaign office in a long queue and finally stopped at the New Patriotic Party (NPP) constituency office where he filed his candidature in the company of close friends and other party sympathizers.

Mr. Adda assured to create more job opportunities for the people of the area and address the developmental challenges.

He said the NPP is a democratic party and has no problem when people from the party decide to contest him in the primaries.

He however expressed disappointment in the party leadership for allowing Ms. Tangoba Abayage to contest him, blaming disunity for the current predicament of the party in the constituency.

Mr. Adda, who is optimistic of massive endorsement from delegates in the primaries, urged the party constituency leadership to advise supporters of his contender to desist from throwing insults at him and members of his team, warning such behaviour will not be taken lightly.

He said: "the NPP is a democratic party so if anyone decides and desires to contest in the primaries, you cannot stop them. If anybody who has not been involved in the policies of Navrongo or campaigned for the NPP in a serious way comes here and wants to stand, she has the democratic right to do that. And since the party allows that to happen, nobody can stop her from doing that"

"what is happening in the party portrays the lack of leadership, lack of elders being able to do what is required to forge unity in the party in Navrongo and that is why you've got one person opposing me. Otherwise giving the fact that we've been able to withstand opposition and came back to power under my leadership, one would've expected that the party will allow me (Hon. Kofi Adda) to go one more term".

“leadership must also caution supporters of my opponent who have taken to social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp to insult elders to put a stop to it. We won't allow that to continue anymore. We'll be forced to retaliate if they don't stop". He cautioned.

Richard Kudamo, Chairman of the Navrongo central constituency election committee, who received the forms assured that the party will look seriously into and check behaviours that have the tendency to create divisions in the party and weaken the party credentials.

He called on supporters of the contenders to be mindful and engage in peaceful campaigns devoid of trouble.

He said "the party will still need all of you for the main campaigning when a preferred candidate is chosen. So why do you have to fight among yourselves. Please let us go the peaceful way so that we can retain power in the election in December". Mr. Kudamo stated in Kasem.

Source: Senyalah Castro, Contributor