General News Fri, 16 Jan 2004

Weather Forecast

The weather will remain foggy and misty - Meteo

The Meteorological Services Department on Friday announced that even though there was enough moisture influx into the country, the upper levels westerlies were strong enough to prevent massive cloud development. Hence the morning would remain foggy and misty being very foggy over forest and hilly areas reducing visibility. Northern Ghana would remain hazy because of the incursion of flesh dry and cool North-easterly winds from the Sahara region over the northern part of the West Africa sub-region. The coast and the middle belt would experience hazy condition with intermittent sunny periods and occasional rain showers some places like the western coast and the hilly and forest areas. The night would be relatively cool, dry, fair and slightly windy in general with visibility especially the mid portion and the north.


There are also chances of thundery showers misty conditions over few places especially over the forest and hilly areas.

Maximum and minimum temperatures between 0600 hours on Friday and 0600 hours on Saturday were given as: coastal areas, between 33 and 22 degrees Celsius, forest and mountainous areas, between 33 and 18 degrees Celsius and Northern Ghana, between 36 and 21 degrees Celsius. 16 Jan. 04

Source: GNA